As a registered broker to Pemex, Ecopetrol, Flopec, Perenco, and Cardon IV, we know exactly which vessels are required in the market thus we are positioned to advise our customers on the best opportunities to charter their fleet. We have brokered major spot, COA, bareboat and time charter deals for tankers, heavy equipment carriers, vessels used for project cargoes, among others, providing exceptional operational support throughout the negotiation and contract period.
Offshore Services
Marítima Altaír-Petromar is one of the pioneers in the offshore O&G industry in Venezuela and Mexico. We have the required infrastructure and experience to fulfill all of your offshore requirements taking into consideration the complexity of the operations that characterize the industry. At Maritima Altair-Petromar we understand that every offshore project is different thus we adapt ourselves to your requirements in order to provide a service that is tailored to your specific needs. Our experience is broad and ranges from the operation of AHTS vessels and offshore rigs, to the advising of FPSOs and rig requirements of offshore projects, covering the offshore field in its entireness. We have been involved in a number of joint ventures with offshore contractors, offshore construction companies, and offshore service companies.
Advising & Consulting
Our experience and track record is reflected in the quality of service that characterizes us. Maritima Altair Petromar is the local partner that you need to assist you on your shipping, logistics, and offshore projects. We are able to adapt ourselves to your requirements in order to provide a service that is tailored to your specific needs. Additionally, we have established lasting strategic relations with local organizations in order to provide our customers with legal and fiscal counsel, local permits procurement, financing, and any other particular requirement. Some of our in-house advising and consulting services include: Statutory certificates procurement; vessel registration, matriculation, and flagging; maritime titles management; buying and selling of vessels; guidance in QHSE standards
Ship Agency
Our shipping agency, Agencia Naviera Angostura, headquartered in Punto Fijo (State of Falcón) operates in the ports of Guaranao, Amuay and Punta Cardón. It is capable of providing the key services of a shipping agency, manage all the legal formalities necessary to operate and solve any administrative issues that may arise during the operation of the vessel. We count with a team of professionals who possess the highest qualifications and motivation to provide a personalized attention and the highest quality standards to each and every one of our customers. We are currently in the process of opening other national and international branches so we can ultimately service all of the strategic ports in Venezuela and the Caribbean.
Ship Management
Our subsidiary, Naviera Petromar, offers ship management services for your vessel in compliance with ISM & ISPS code. Our main focus is to ensure the safety of the vessel, prevent accidents, and avoid damage to the environment. We count with a Document of Compliance (DOC) which lets us operate vessels under a Venezuelan Flag taking into consideration the laws and regulations that govern the maritime sector.
Crewing & Staffing
Asemar is our company that specializes in crewing & staffing. The company’s database counts with hundreds of seafarers, construction workers, welders and port operators to name a few. We are devoted to selecting the most suitable candidates, strictly adhering to the highest hiring standards, so you can rest assured that your project is being carried out by the most prepared workers. Also, the company has vast experience dealing with workers under collective agreements and unions.
Port Logistics
Our company, Petrologística, is involved in the operation of port terminals and also offers all of the services that complement port logistics operations. Additionally, the company is in the development stage of an offshore logistics base in Western Venezuela, and later in Eastern Venezuela, where all of the requirements of an offshore project are taken care of.